1. WATCH: Nardwuar vs. E-40.


    The Nard delivers like the Mailman with his in-depth meet-up with the incomparable E-40 . Fonzarelli keeps it "3 thou wow" remembering the times he had to go get tampons at the Beverly Food Center for his moms as a kid, and his experiences with underage drinking (the rapper responsibly warns the tykes of today, "Don't do it"). Of course, the topic of music pops up, with props administered to "the rawest rappers you never heard of" Calvin T & Magic Mike from Richmond, CA, as well as other Bay Area legends like Hugh E. M.C. from Frisco, Conscious Daughters (R.I.P. Special One), MC Hammer, and the late Mac Dre, whom 40 tells the world he had respect for. Things get old school with talk of Vallejo's Con Funk Shun and how Frankie Smith's "Double Dutch Bus" influenced "Captain Save a Hoe," before delving into a brief mention of the real-life Zodiac Killer and slang for "poosy." Whew! Like 40 says, "This is real spiel."

  2. You might wanna peep...