1. My Neighbour Is — Running Of The Bulls (AUDIO).

    The tracks are caliente .

    Cold Busted says: The prolific Manchester-based artist known as Robot Needs Oil has been found covertly recording downtempo and hip hop-fueled beats under the curious name of My Neighbour Is . There has been no stopping him under this guise and he is now on his fourth album for the Cold Busted label in just about a year’s time. Running of the Bulls may be downtempo, but it’s split between high intensity beats and laid-back grooves – a refined blend of a funk, blues, and rock. The album delivers great highlights like the wonderfully vocal “It Shakes & It’s Alright,” with its hip horns, sax, and harmonica, and the organ-heavy jam of “Jaguar Paw.” The title track is another early favorite, this time pulling from the more energetic half of the release with playful claps, charging drum beats, and relentless rhythmic guitar riffs. Indeed, Running of the Bulls will have people dancing and grooving like they’re dodging horns.

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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