1. The History of Popular Music In Animated GIFs.


    Cheap Oakleys Here at egotripland we espouse a healthy interest in music history. You know, the kind of depth of information that you can't reduce to a GIF. That is, unless you reduce it to a really good GIF. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Oakley Sunglasses Cheap The creation of Old Monk guitarist Replica Oakley Sunglasses Joshua Carrafa Cheap Ray Bans , Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Replica Oakleys Music History In GIFs is a selective, subjective look back at various key moments in pop music history relayed with obvious affection and a good sense of humor. Not only is the art impressive but the descriptive blurbs are pretty great too. Starts in 1964 and goes year-by-year to current day. Reads the one summing up the year 1970: "Black Sabbath releases Paranoid . It’s so crazy good that people decide to use it as the framework for a brand new genre of music... Everyone loved it. Well, everyone except the ladies. But they came around later." We've pulled this and a few of our other favorites here for your perusal. After you've checked 'em out, head over to the tumblr for more GIFs and full descriptions of each.

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