1. Murs & 9th Wonder — "Funeral For A Killer" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Murs & 9th Wonder release a video quite appropriate for today, Dia de los Meurtos, the Mexican holiday known in English as "Day of the Dead," a day in which departed loved ones are remembered and honored. For "Funeral For A Killer," Murs rocks the skeletal face paint and Suicidal vato look for a grim tale about the fate of those who live with their finger on the trigger.

    Murs & 9th Wonder's final collabo, The Final Adventure, hittin' you on November 13th. You can pre-order now on iTunes if you want.

    [Via OKP]

  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. bboycult

      What if the Apocalypse happens ....but it's not forever; like everything goes back to ' normal ' in a year; what am I supposed to do after I've already had my whole face tattooed into a Calavera!?! Haha...I swear I would become the worlds 3rd Super Villain ( obviously Hitler # 1, Bin Laden # 2 ....)

      I'd be like " I did this to my face and you're just gonna go back to work @ Wal-Mart!? ....you're all dead; SUPER VILLAIN!!!! "

      Haha...cool song, I love black and white anything so the vid is good w/me as well.

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