1. Mr. Voodoo (Natural Elements) — The Elusive Demos EP Snippets (AUDIO).


    Mister Voodoo says: "One of the things about these songs is that they are like a capsule of a moment or a zone I was in. See at the time I was just given The Source Magazine Hip-Hop Quotable Lyrics of the Month. So it was my intent to prove that I was the baddest lil dude outta BK rapping. Sorta like maintaining the standard I set."

    Chopped Herring says: Herring has been looking for these tracks in best quality for over five years and several months ago a good Herring customer alerted us to a post on the excellent DWG forum. Someone was selling two cassettes he copped from a Natural Elements show in the late '90s. The tapes contained demos, rare freestyles and unreleased NE joints dubbed from the [now lost] original sources [not radio versions]. Among the demos were the elusive, early Mr Voodoo tracks included on this release… The tapes were... transferred using a high end Nakamichi tape deck [and] the chosen tracks were mastered to a very high standard… and are now available on wax for the very first time [400 copies pressed including white, gold vinyl].

    Mr Voodoo — The Elusive Demos EP Track List:

    A1 New York Straight Talk
    A2 G.L.O.C.K.
    A3 Runnin From My Magic

    B1 New York Straight Talk [Remix]
    B2 Pen Hits The Paper

    B3 I Come with Skills
    B4 Betta Duck [Bonus Track]

    (For more info — the original tapes are going to be auctioned off — please visit Chopped Herring )

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