1. Mr Thing Plays The Soulful Side Of Jay Dee/J Dilla & Mr Thing Plays Sampled Library Music (AUDIO).

    (Art: DJ Mofingaz)

    Perfect backdrop for your weekend.

    Mr Thing says: Was asked to do a Jay Dee/Dilla mix for Leigh Tha Flava’s radio show which went out in February, so decided to highlight some of the remixes and rarer promo only pieces as well as some of the more well known tunes and their original samples…Enjoy!

    Mr. Thing says: I was asked earlier this year to do a mix for my good friend Boba Fatt for his 100th show on Itch FM and he said I could do whatever I liked! So decided to do something different from the hip-hop mixes and do a mix of some rare and not so rare sampled library records which I have been collecting for years and was taught a great deal about by my friend Mark B. Basically, Library Music was set up to be used as the background music for TV shows, and a lot of the good stuff ended up in shows such as The Sweeney. I’ve remastered this since it went out on air…

    (h/t House Shoes)

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