1. Mr. Magic & Marley Marl — Rap Attack, WBLS 107.5 FM (December 18, 1987) (AUDIO).


    Big Daddy Kane in the house. Classic radio courtesy of Stretch Armstrong ’s archives. Read Stretch’s new “Cassette Culture” column for Medium here .

    Stretch says: When Magic’s show aired, Marley turned that time into a constant, kinetic barrage of multiple music sources and surprises. Unlike most hip-hop DJs, Marley was an impeccable blender of beats, playing records simultaneously for minutes at a time, often with scratching on top supplied from a third turntable. To be clear though, Marley didn’t just blend. He cut the hell out of records, on air and on many of the classics he produced. It wasn’t uncommon for Marley to add sound effects and snippets from movies and television, like Woody Woodpecker or Star Trek, to make a point or add a dose of humor. Overall, a Marley tape was a canvas filled with world premiers of future hits, skilled megamixes of new rap and some R&B, exclusive remixes and live in-studio sessions with guest artists, all assembled and executed with a master’s touch.

    [Via Medium ]

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