1. Trailer Bang: Five '80s Movies About Trouble Teens.

    Trailer Bang: Five ’80s Movies About Trouble Teens.

    Five film trailers for that ass that connect on a thematic level. This edition's main attraction: '80s movies about troubled teens . Get ready for some rebellion, angst, destruction and, of course, unruly hair.

    Over the Edge (1979)

    Vandalism, explosions, young-ass Matt Dillon, tight jeans before they were trendy, BMX bikes, clueless parents, kill people, burn shit and fuck school.

    Foxes (1980)

    Jailbait, under-aged drinking, uncontrolled house party, skateboards, young-ass Jodie Foster & Scott Baio, bad cop dad, Donna Summer, Kiss posters, The Runaways, crying.

    Suburbia (1983)

    Punk rock, rats in your mouth, mohawks, young-ass Flea, fights, Big Wheels, shotguns, flippin' the bird, breakin' stuff, Germs, boredom, anarchy.

    Angel (1984)

    Teenage streetwalker, sleazy tricks, psycho necro killer, transvestites, school girls, pervs, silent film cowboy, tough-ass police detective father figure, big guns, Hollyweird Boulevard.

    The New Kids (1985)

    Dead parents, mean high school hick bullies, young-ass James Spader, big-ass guns, attack dog, carnival, violence.

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