1. Shiznit We Slept On Vol 38: Mos Def on “You Take the Kids” Sitcom (1990)

    Being a citizen of egotripland is a fulltime thang — with responsibilities — not unlike being a member of a co-op. And if don’t know what that’s all about, lets just say it can be a drag having to do things you don’t wanna do. Like having to come up with timely, pop-culture relevant posts. And what’s the mos’ relavent pop-culture shit TODAY? The Emmy Awards . But really, to paraphrase the great Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (you knew this coming…) “Who gives a fuck about a cotdamn Emmy?” Not us. We don’t watch no channel zero. Even if we did pay our cable bill. Ain’t no hip hop on television, son. Not in 2011. So instead what we gonna do right now is take you back, wayyy back, to this promo for the short lived (6 episodes strong!) sitcom “You Take the Kids” that aired on CBS. Take that kid in the throwback jersey for instance. Could that be? Yes, it is none other than a young, dreadlocked Dante Bize, whoops..we mean Mos Def.. er…we mean, Yasiin . And Nell Carter is mom dukes? Talk about Ms Fat Booty

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