1. 10 Mo’ Things To Do Before the Apocalypse.

    The rapture can’t stop won’t stop! While rummaging through our closet looking for some snazzy threads to sport for Armageddon 2011, it occurred to us that we still had a ton o’ shit left to do before tomorrow’s MF Doomsday.

    All kinds of loose ends. In fact, 10 more things like…

    1. Prepare canned rations and digital camera for first ever post-Apocalyptic foodie blog.

    2. Set clock back 60 minutes on Friday to enable extra hour of sleep before soul burns for all eternity.

    3. Stop being own worst enemy and finally post youtube video of Gabe and Chairman Mao doing Lil’ B’s The Cooking Dance. (See if that motivates us to finally post audition video for Jabbawockeez.)

    4. Watch THIS just one last time.

    5. Sign up for Fileserve and download that really huge porn file.

    6. Bodyslam the CEO of BP inna BDP vs. PM Dawn stylee.

    7. Unleash a noon-to-midnight barrage of positive affirmations on Twitter. End each one with “#sike.”

    8. Attend live taping of SNL. Oh wait. Nope.

    9. Switch our whole style up then go hard: Swing ep with Maria Shriver on some cusp-of-Armageddon rebound shit.

    10. a) Throw our hands in the air. b) Wave them like we just don’t care. c) Die.

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