1. 12 More Things ego trip Feels the Urge to Do While Listening to Tyler, the Creator’s “Goblin”

    Today Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future fame releases his debut effort for XL Recordings, Goblin . Our friends over at Complex invited us to weigh in on the merits of this, the most highly-anticipated album of the year, along with a panel of other revered hip-hop pundits . However, a funny thing happened after contributing our thoughts on this angst-ridden, self-conflicted, nerdcore milestone: we thought of a few more things we inevitably feel the urge to do when listening to Goblin . Things like…

    1. Fuck, drink beer, and smoke some shit.

    2. Forget Facebook stalking and go back to good ol’ fashioned window peeping.

    3. Post “ISO Boppin’ Bitch” on adultfriendfinder.

    4. Call Cornel West to perform exorcism.

    5. Ponder inevitable future of white kids emulating black kids emulating white kids.

    6. Prepare for mass enrollment in Samoan reform schools.

    7. Wait for Bill Cosby to go F.A.T.A.L.B.E.R.T.

    8. Do drive-bys on some buster-ass Baldwin-Hills bitches.

    9. Rape something. Then apologize profusely immediately after.

    10. Reminisce about “Great Moments In Bug-Eating History.”

    11. Pen how-to book: Self-Loathing Your Way to the Top .

    12. Tweet: @slimshady #thankyou


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