1. MORE Shocking Anthony Weiner Photos Surface!

    Weiner-gate came to its sad conclusion yesterday when embattled New York City congressman Anthony Weiner finally succumbed to calls for his resignation, saying the sexting scandal he first lied about then admitted had become too much of a distraction for him to serve his office. Revelations that Weiner sent lewd photos of himself to women he contacted through social networking sites have dominated news coverage in recent weeks. But ego trip has come into EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION of more embarrassing and scandalous photos of Weiner – ones even more shocking than those already exposed. Photos so disgusting their existence all but cinched the end of his once bright political career.


    Weiner grossly violated the public trust by keeping unspeakably grotesque viewing materials out in the open at his office.

    Weiner’s frequent trips to Florida to “visit relatives” were just a ruse to engage in more despicable behavior.

    Weiner’s whereabouts on late Wednesday night were unknown until this photo from the riot torn streets of Vancouver surfaced.

    Weiner’s secret life as a compulsive sexter was nothing compared to his secret life as a murse-rocking hipster douchebag.

    Far and away Weiner’s darkest and most disturbing secret yet. (Oh yeah, this muthafucka had to resign, all right.)

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