1. Monk-One — When We Were Fly (NBA Basketball Mix) (AUDIO).


    Get ready for this weekend’s NBA All-Star festivities with this must-have mix of funky b-ball related jams courtesy of DJ Monk-One .

    Victory Journal says: The NBA’s leap from cult item to big time coincided with an incredible period of recorded music. It was a golden age of playing above the rim and of buzzer-beaters. It was also a great time for disco-rap-and-soul music hybrids, and of local hits devoted to hoop dreams and its greatest weavers. This mix is a snapshot – of a time, of a groove, of an evolution, and of a basketball fever – courtesy of Monk-One and our collective memory. (Whether we happened to have been there, or not.)

    When We Were Fly features the beats, sounds and voices of A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie Smalls, Biz Markie, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Choiceman, CT & the Record Band, Dean the Dream, Dominique Wilkins, Dr. J, Ecstasy, The Fans, “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh,” Frankie Bleu, G-Mann, “He’s Got Game,” Hurt Em Bad, Jason Kidd featuring Money B, Jimmy Miller, John Starks, Johnny Most, Juny Boom, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, Larry Wedgeworth & Clique, Los Angeles Lakers, Kurtis Blow, “Magic” Johnson, Manute Bol, Marv Albert, Men At Play, Michael “Air” Jordan, Mighty Fire, Momentum, Montell Jordan, Moses Malone, New York Knicks, Patrick Ewing, Philadelphia 76ers, Redman, Rhyme Poets, Reggie Miller, Sadat X, Grand Puba & AG, San Antonio Spurs, Scorpio & Jazzy Jay, Seattle Supersonics, Shaquille O'Neal (Erick Sermon mix), Skee-Lo, Tony Lamar, Trife, Ultramagnetic MCs, Wu All-Stars, and the enthusiasm of millions.

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