1. TONIGHT: Natasha Diggs/J-Zone B-Day Blowout at Mobile Mondays (NYC).


    NYC people: special b-day celebration at the always popular all 45s soiree known as Mobile Mondays this evening. The born day honorees - MM's own Natasha Diggs and our favorite Tim Dog fan, J-Zone . Also spinning 7s: residents Operator EMZ, Joey C, Misbehaviour, $$$ Mike and some guy named Just Blaze. Gonna be a good one. Be there!

    WHAT: Mobile Mondays - Natasha Diggs & J-Zone Birthday Blowout
    WHERE: Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery at 2nd St.
    WHEN: Monday, February 25th, 2013, 10pm til
    HOW: Be there!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Vernon Maxwell #11

      love the poster...

      J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla scopin the hottie as he jostles for position in the White Castle drive-thru, (for a small portion of onion rings).


    • $1.72

      he's not lookin at her, he's studying the menu thats infront of her. making sure the onion rings haven't gone up in price.