1. MIXTAPE: Big Baby Gandhi – “No 1 2 Look Up 2” (Free Download).

    Queens is in the house – represent, represent. Das Racist associate Big Baby Gandhi drops his No 1 2 Look Up 2 mixtape today – the follow-up to last year’s Big Fucking Baby . Includes the impressive DR collab “Blue Magic” as well as an abundance of other tunes that showcase the emcee/producer’s uniquely shrill Milk Dee meets Danny Brown vocal steez and entertaining wordplay (e.g. “Drink a Lil Pepsi”: “I ain’t have an ego till Heems said I was a phenomenon/ Now I’m blowin’ up like Ramadan/ Fast.”) Like DMC in the place to be, BBG goes to St. John’s University. Shout rap’s back, y’all! Download it, HERE .

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