1. 10 Campaign Slogans Mitt Romney Could Have Been Accused of Using That Are Way Worse Than The KKK-Affiliated “Keep America American.”

    UPDATE: This week Mitt Romney found himself in a whole mess of hot water when it was reported that the Republican presidential candidate was inadvertently using a campaign catch phrase – “Keep America American” – historically associated with the Ku Klux Klan . Doh! Turns out those initial reports were inaccurate (thanks, liberal leaning media!), as the phrase Romney was using was, in fact, “Keep America America” (which, thankfully is not racist, merely redundant). Still, this mix-up of a mix-up had us thinking. Namely, how Mr. Mittster’s near miss faux paus and the controversy it generated could honestly have been way worse. At least he wasn’t accused of using any of the following slogans…


    1. Romney ’12: Change Burning ‘Cross America.

    2. A Vote For Romney: A 401 KKKontribution To Your Future.

    3. Let’s Lynch This Recession!

    4. A Chicken In Every Pot and a White Robe in Every Closet.

    5. Romney ’12: Sheet Is Real.

    6. Boyz N the Hood? No. Boyz N the Hoods? YES!

    7. The Romney Express: Night-Ride or Die.

    8. We Need an Imperial Wizard to Fix This Economy.

    9. Go the Fuck Back to Mexico.

    10. YES WE KLAN!

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