1. VIDEO: Minnie Riperton Attacked By Lion, Sammy Davis Jr. & Richard Pryor React (1975).


    This old '70s TV clip would still be amazing even if there wasn't a lion jumping on an R&B star.

    Gathered together for a talk show chat are none other than legends Minnie Riperton (a/k/a, Maya Rudolph's ma), Richard Pryor , and host Sammy Davis Jr. , all of whom are sadly no longer with us. Just seeing this trio together is a whoot. But then what do you know, Sammy shows footage of the Adventures in Paradise album cover shoot in which Simba, the furry Queen of the Jungle laying next to Minnie, pounces on the singer.

    Says Richard Pryor, "[Minnie's] so sweet the lion wanna eat her up."

    When asked why the massive feline attacked her, Riperton responds by saying that the animal trainers told her the lion wanted to play with her.

    "He should make a date like all the rest of the cats," quips Sammy, who literally bowls over with laughter.

    You'll wanna peep this one. We ain't "lyin'." *insert Sammy Davis Jr. laughter here*

    (Props to Ratchetchan for the upload. Gotta thank The Alchemist for this one)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://www.facebook.com/walter.lee3 Walter Lee

      Miss all of them...

    • HughPhug

      fuck, how much do i want to be in a room with those three, with a big pile of china, mad scotch and a ton resin