1. Shiznit We Slept On: MIL-K — “Mothership” (MUSIC VIDEO).

    “‘The Mothership’ video from MIL-K is a futuristic insta-classic with spaceships and horses.” That’s the message we got back in October, a message we unwisely ignored. And we’re not sure why, because as far as we’re concerned, rap needs more videos with spaceships and horses, dammit. Well, not only does this video boast intergalactic shuttles and streetwise steeds, it also comes complete with a slappin’ track and fortified rhymes. If we could, we’d go back to the future and not sleep on this one.

    “…You’re totally disconnected from the ancestors/ Transgressions and lesson plans is planned obsolescence/ Sans phosphorescence, you left them in the dark/ You left them in the flood; it’s cool we build an ark/ You made a covenant with governments that fund the narcs/ Then brag about sellin’ crack to brothers in the park…”

    Directed by MIL-K .

    (Get this joint on iTunes )

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