1. Mike D & Beck Hangin' Out on TV, Performing Schoolly D's "P.S.K." (Kinda, Sort Of) with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. (BONUS: The Dust Brother's Studio Secrets.)


    We'll skip the whole "Dang, MTV really used to be way better than it is now" nostalgia crap and get right to the nitty gritty. Beastie Boys' Mike D & Beck stayed busy gettin' live on the cable music channel in the mid '90s as seen here in several clips, the first of which is the buddies basically goofing off with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth who fills in as guest host for the alternative program 120 Minutes . After chatting it up for a few, the trio do an impromptu jam that manages to cram in mini amp distortion and electronic device noise with Schooly D and Public Enemy references mixed with Oprah Winfrey shout outs . Flash forward a few years later and Diamond & Hansen drop by Squirt TV , the Manhattan public access show turned MTV program hosted by teenager Jake Fogelnest to yap about the usual stuff like fear of kangaroos, microwaving ice cream and reading the back of the Showgirls VHS tape for shits 'n' giggles. The excitement hardly stops there. Although we ditch Mike and Beck, we check in with collaborators The Dust Brothers who tell us about their wonderful creations using the Mac's Studio Vision. ¡Odelay! (We mean, ¡Orale! )


    Mike D & Beck On MTV's 120 Minutes with Special Host Thurston Moore (1994)

    Although he's here to basically plug Some Old Bullshit (in between checking his beeper for pages from his moms), Mike reveals the title of the Beastie Boys next album: "I think we're gonna call it Ill Communication because we're trying to get back to our roots like Johhny Cash."

    (Props to 90sBandsOnTV for the upload)

    Mike D & Beck On MTV's Squirt TV (1996)

    After some Ricky Powell name droppin', host Jake mentions some contraption called the Internet where rumors that Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved By The Bell) is Mike D's brother abound. Michael Diamond, however, would rather share stories about the Beasties riding around in Elvis' backup band's tour bus for the Raising Hell tour.

    (Props to Maarttttt for the upload)

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ft. Beck & Mike D – "Flavor" Music Video (1994)

    Here's that Jon Spencer music vid with Mike D and Beck seen in the Squirt TV segment.

    (Props to explosion99 for the upload)

    The Dust Brothers Interviewed on MTV about Producing Beck's "Where lt's At" (1996)

    Jon Norris interviews The Dust Brothers and asks John King and Michael Simpson when they know a song is finished. Mike: "It's very much like a painting you're never really done. I mean we could have spent three years working, doing more and more and more to the song. At a certain point you just have to say, 'OK, let's move on.' " Word to Dr. Dre.

    (For the record, that 10 Cents, the artists mentioned as the next project for King Gizmo and E.Z. Mike at the time, and not 50 Cent.)

    (Props to TheVisiting for the upload)

    Beck — "Where It's At" Music Video (1996).

    Beck's got two turntables and a microphone. (That was a good drum break.)

    (Props to The Dust Brothers & Beck)

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