1. AUDIO: DJ Mike 2600 – “Man, You Been Doin’ All This Dope Producin'” (Official Dre Day Mix).

    With Dre Day – a/k/a Dr. Dre’s birthday – tomorrow, February 18th – having creeped up on us this year with no concrete plans (other than perhaps rollin’ in our 6-4), we return to the classics. In this case, Burlesque’s Mike 2600’s official Dre Day mix from last year, “Man, You Been Doin’ All This Dope Producin'” (christened after the classic Ren/Dre exchange from N.W.A’s “Express Yourself”). Lotta Andre Young-produced essentials included, of course, but plenty of surprises as well, including a gang o’ sample source musical tangents that may pleasantly surprise some of y’all expecting strictly that gangsta glare. It’s funky enough. Hell, yeah. Listen below or download for free .

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