1. Michel’le & Dr. Dre Perform “Nicety” Live in 1990 (VIDEO).

    Some people think she’s nice, some people think she’s nasty, but Michel’le is still N-I-C-E-T-Y in this 1990 flashback in which she shares the stage with former flame Dr. Dre , too hype back-up dancers and a groovin’ live band (if you listen closely, it sounds like the Doctor shouts out Stan “The Guitar Man,” whose name should be familiar to N.W.A fans, early into the performance). As an extra added bonus, there’s an additional in-studio chat between Michel’le and ex-Death Row publicist George Pryce , aka “Papa G,” in preparation of her mid-’90s, unreleased Single Black Female album. Even though the pair only talk typical music biz stuff, it’s worth viewing just to bug out on the singer’s unexpected voice.


    Michel'le ft. Dr. Dre — "Nicety" Live in 1990 (VIDEO).

    Extra verses and a guest rap by Dre. (By the way, you’ll have to pardon the random Webbie commercial at the start of the video.)

    (Props to bacnthaday for the upload)

    Michel'le in the studio talking with "Papa G" in 1996 (VIDEO).

    Reason to watch this? It’s mostly tha voice. Word to the late, great Guru.

    (Props to pl4tin3d & makaveli-forum for the upload)

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