1. AUDIO: Michael Jackson Abortion Song is Awkward and Danceable at the Same Time.

    So, the much ballyhooed, fully remastered 25th anniversary version of Michael Jackson ‘s Bad dropped this week and amongst the eight previously unreleased tracks jammed in there is “Song Groove,” a rather bland title, if we do say so ourselves. But don’t worry, no one will be calling it that, as we suspect the composition’s alternate moniker, “Abortion Papers,” will catch on far more (while at the same time making requests to hear the tune a very awkward experience).

    As far as we can tell, this is not a prequel to MJ’s “Billie Jean.” That kid was not his son. This seed, though, appears to be Mike’s as witnessed by the ovary-religious (whoops, total Freudian slip, meant to type, “overly”) lyrics:

    Those abortion papers
    Signed in your name against the words of God
    Those abortion papers
    Think about life, I’d like to have my child

    But before you think this is bad, real Bad, give the song a chance. So far as songs about abortion go, the ditty is admittedly catchy. Creepy as all hell, yes, but catchy, nevertheless.

    [Via Jezebel . Props to y MJTurkce1 for the upload]

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