1. Meyhem Lauren ft.
    Action Bronson - "Thousand Dollar Gym Shoes" (AUDIO).


    Hip-hop really has come a long way. This is irrefutable if only based on the fact that rap albums have evolved from titles like Down By Law to Mandatory Brunch Meetings . That's progress, right there, fam. And given that Meyhem Lauren 's new song with Action Bronson , "Thousand Dollar Gym Shoes" (the follow-up to "10 Dollar Lap Dances"), is culled from said magnificently christened LP we'd trumpet its value just on GP. Thankfully, it's up to the fine standards previously set by Respect the Fly Shit . Lauren accentuates street hustle trappings with expected flair ("You can find us up at Mr. Chow's often"); Bronson serves up references both vintage and current ("Drink chammy out of Prince's Grammy/ My beard wavy like Sandy"). String-heavy beat by Tommy Mas. Mandatory Brunch Meetings drops December 6th.

    [via Complex ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • JJ

      I was revisiting Respect The Fly Shit this afternoon and thinking to myself how good it was overall. He obviously ain't the most cerebral dude out, but he does his thing well. Looking forward to checking this new album. Anyone know if it's the same production? The beats on Fly Shit were superb.

    • Ron Simmons

      This beat by Tommy Mas... DAMN !!!