1. Four Teachers-Turned-Emcees Connect In the “Faculty Lounge” (AUDIO).

    By Bogar Alonso

    Those who can’t do, teach… on the mic. Headed by Random (Mega Ran) , the scholarly talents of Donwill , Sammus , and lyrical wizard Homeboy Sandman unite in an after school special lamenting the pitfalls of the education system. In “Faculty Lounge (Remix),” the teachas-turned-rappers spit their knowledge over a DN3 beat that cleverly channels tweet-sized helpings of ‘Ye, Inspectah Deck, and the late Guru. It would have been easy to follow a Helen Lovejoy – “Oh, won’t somebody please think of the children” – approach but instead the ex-profs let their bars do the sermonizing. In some circles, that’s the only way left to educate.

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