1. MeccaGodZilla — "Isa Violet” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Heavy. Taken from Erroars 2.2: Metal Sakura . Produced by メカゴジラ

    Directed by HiFiMediaTokyo


    MeccaGodZilla — “Radioactive” (Godzilla Tribute) (AUDIO).

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      I would give @Egotripland website a kidney if ever needed....because you must live forever.com !

    • vibermatic

      Powerfully moving & capturing, props to Egotrip for the real life art from Mecca!!!!

    • Conscious

      Interesting combination of visuals vs sonics...

    • MeccaGodZilla

      Egotripland.. arigatz!!! i really appreciate this!

    • MeccaGodZilla

      thank u fam!

    • MeccaGodZilla

      thanks so much G!

    • Emjae

      Took me on an amazing journey. Love it

    • J. Stylez

      Landscapes and soundscapes! Incredible production Doooooooope video! Much love and success to everyone involved!

    • MeccaGodZilla

      thank you fam!

    • MeccaGodZilla

      thank you !

    • Mio soul

      The whole production captured " beauty " " sadness " " strength " and life itself . Love the video .., 東京の春の街並みを久しぶりに見れてとても懐かしい!ありがとう。

    • TheKingIndeed

      This song and visual is absolutely a master piece. Please keep more coming.

    • egotrip


    • egotrip

      Perhaps the best comment we've ever received. (Hopefully, we never have to ask you for your kidney, tho, bboycult, haha).

    • Kai

      Loved it! Flowed wonderfully. Greedy want more.