1. SEE, HEAR: MC Shy-D — Live in Concert (1988).


    He made the record "Pink Panther" (b/k/a "Rapp Will Never Die") and "Fred Sanford" (b/k/a "Shy D is Back") and he was comin' correct in '88. It's MC Shy-D , the hit-making-yet-somewhat-underrated MC originally from the Bronx who came up in Atlanta during rap's golden age. Watch him command the stage in what appears to be a 2 Live Crew show in Miami (he was signed to Luke Skyywalker Records at the time) as he tears through classics like "I've Gotta Be Tough," "I Wanna Dance," and "Bust This" with help from DJ Toomp.

    (Props to ‪RAYLO911‬ for the upload)

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