1. WATCH: MC Serch Interviews Jon Shecter & David Mays of "The Source" Magazine (1991).

    WATCH: MC Serch Interviews Jon Shecter & David Mays of “The Source” Magazine (1991).

    All this bloggin' is makin' us itch for the old days of magazine publishing when we could take a whole week to write a record review rather than have to tell you our opinions of the latest Drake release minutes after it drops or risk being "late." Phooey. In this time warp courtesy of Slammin' , our favorite television host of all times, MC Serch, pays a little visit to the headquarters of the then Bible of hip-hop, The Source . The 3rd Bass-ist goes all Larry King quizzing head honchos Jon Shecter and David Mays about white folks writing about hip-hop, and in one eerie moment Serch asks if they would write about a hypothetical sucky rapper with lots of loot behind him. Mays then talks about the importance of maintaining a "credible" publication. Historically interesting viewing to say the least. Big ups to our pal Shecky Green still holdin' down Vegas.

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