1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: MC Hammer vs. “Chubby Elvis Looking Dude.”

    Apparently, there’s at least one Northern Cali cop who doesn’t understand the immortal words, “Can’t touch this.” Last Thursday, Stanley Kirk Burrell , better known as MC Hammer , was supposedly sitting in car outside the Hacienda Crossings mall in Dublin, CA when a police officer allegedly approached him and asked the Oaktown icon if he was on parole or on probation before trying to yank him out the vehicle. The 50-year-old rapper was arrested on obstructing justice charges, booked and later released on bail. He has a court hearing next month.


    According to authorities, the automobile’s registration had expired. “After asking Hammer who the registered owner was he became very argumentative and refused to answer the officer’s questions,” police spokesman Herb Walters said in an e-mail to CNN.

    This weekend, Hammer’s Twitter timeline told his side of the story, describing the officer who arrested him as a “chubby elvis looking dude… on a steady donut diet.” And that was only the beginning…
    [via EUR ]

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