1. Geah! MC Eiht Fires Back at Ryan Lochte, Plans on Blocking Olympian From Trademarking "Jeah."


    It appears that the 'hood might take Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte under. As you'll recall , the gold medal winning athlete had the loc'ed out idea of officially filing to trademark the term "Jeah!" on August 1, an expression he's apparently been saying for several years now and has been using on merchandise like T-shirts, sunglasses and posters. Only problem is MC Eiht has been saying "Geah" on records and in real life all the way back to at least 1988. Geah, he has. So now the CMW rapper, who had a part in Menace II Society , tells TMZ he plans on sending a cease and desist letter to Lochte in order to stop him from using his phrase. Says Eiht: "Why try and trademark something his ass didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying. He is just disrespectful."

    Meanwhile, Lochte's manager responded by saying: "Ryan has been using 'Jeah' for years," adding, "This is the first I have heard of this claim by MC Eiht." Like egotripland reader Daniel del Castillo said on our Facebook, Lochte needs to wake his punk ass up fo' the 2012 shot! Geah!

    [Via TMZ ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Get'em Eiht....you a str8 ^ Menace yo!

    • G

      This is crazy. Jeah has been around since before 1982. No one remembers Jeff Spicoli?

    • KC

      Wait, Ryan Lochte's manager has never heard of MC Eiht? Where's my Surprised Face?

    • DJ

      Wheres Lil' Hawk and Bird when you need 'em?

    • D3Keith

      Eiht should tell Lochte to Duck Sick.

      See ... see what I did there?

    • Shotgun Mecca

      Gyeah..pronounced zzzzhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhh

    • Ike

      One can only hope that Lochte retains DJ Quik as counsel

    • E

      "Who got some snap$ on the petro..?"

    • https://www.facebook.com/thee.mayor.5 Geah

      geah fuck 1982 , nobody in the world has ever or will ever traademark Geah like Eiht , the artist cant even do a movie with out using geah instead of the yeah , watch menace ii society Eiht picks up the phone . . . geah im sure hes never done a song with out using the word a 100 times before the song even starts

    • scranonymous

      lololololol who cares about a nobody loser like mc hate. it's not 1997and the olympcs are beautiful. let's stop celebrating criminals, y'all! i love the olympcs! america numbr one! jeah!