1. WATCH: Mayhem Lauren - "The Silk Shirt Ambassador" (Music Video).

    WATCH: Mayhem Lauren – “The Silk Shirt Ambassador” (Music Video).

    Not mad at the fact that Mayhem Lauren (here basically DBA his 'Lo lovin' alter ego, Ralph) is on some straight un-progressive '90s ish with this home-made vid - mainly because it doesn't take itself particularly seriously either. Thematically, "The Silk Shirt Ambassador" is a not-too-distant relation to some Ghostface composition circa the Wu Wear-era that may or may not exist. Musically, it's straight Carhartt, even re-working some vintage D.I.T.C. flavor to decent effect in part deux. Plus, you gotta love anyone who pens an entire rap about how focused he is on gear, then admits he's "gotta keep [himself] focused on this rap shit before [he] strays the fuck away" because he's mad busy eating steak and lobster and getting "sucked off by gorgeous garglers" (gobblers? gondelas?). Stay fly forever, ML!

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