1. AUDIO: “Matthew Africa Plays Seven Inches” (Free Download).

    In preparation for an all-45 gig he’s doing on Friday in Oaktown , Matthew Africa decided to shake some of the rust off, so to speak, with this here funky set of bad-ass tunes from his collection — a mix we’re sure you’ll dig.

    Says Matthew: As a warm-up for the 45 Sessions, I made a little mix, pulling out about 100 records and sort of going from there. It’s mostly 70s era funk and soul– lots of classics, some recent favorites, some oddities. Hopefully there’s some “oh shit, it’s great to hear that”, some “wait, what the hell is that?” and maybe an “ooh, he’s got that?” or “wait, that’s on 45?!?” or two.

    About the title of this mix: all of the records I played were 7″s, but not all were 45s– a handful were made to play at 33 rpm, so I named it accordingly. For those who care about this sort of thing, I didn’t use any reissues.

    Listen to the mix now:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here . You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    And check out all the dope jams he spins below, but please head over to Mr. Africa’s blog to download the set and read his account of putting this mix together — it’s an entertaining read, to be sure.

    “Matthew Africa Plays Seven Inches” Tracklist:
    1. New Birth – You Are What I’m All About
    2. The Blowflys – Funky
    3. Van Grack and Company – NT
    4. Ronnie Keaton & the Ocean-Liners – Going Down for the Last Time
    5. The Notations – Super People
    6. The Trinikas – Remember Me
    7. The Quickest Way Out – Tick Tock Baby (It’s a Quarter to Love)
    8. Dee Edwards – Why Can’t There Be Love
    9. Matata – I Want You
    10. House Guest Rated X – What So Never the Dance Pt. 1
    11. Myra Barnes – Super Good Pt. 1
    12. C. Fortune & J. Brinson – The Hipster
    13. Tony Alvon & the Bel-Airs – Boom Boom Boom
    14. Leroy & the Drivers – Sad Chicken
    15. Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang
    16. Betty Chung – Bang Bang
    17. Heart – Give Me a Happy Day
    18. Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me
    19. The Sisters Love – Now Is the Time
    20. Popcorn Wylie – Funky Rubber Band
    21. Apple & the 3 Oranges – Free & Easy Pt. 1
    22. Hank Ballard – I’m a Junkie for My Baby’s Love
    23. Robert Jay – Alcohol Pt. 1
    24. Sugar Billy Garner – I Got Some
    25. Junior & the Classics – Kill the Pain
    26. The Fabulous Souls – Take Me
    27. Sir Guy & the Speller Bros. Band – Let Home Cross Your Mind
    28. 6 Pak feat. Larry Berney – There Was a Time
    29. Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds – The Yolk
    30. Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is the Thing Pt. 2
    31. The Jackson Sisters – I Believe in Miracles
    32. Chuck Colbert & Viewpoint – Stay
    33. The Isley Brothers – Keep On Doin’
    34. Graham Central Station – The Jam
    35. Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Bring It On Down To Me Pt. 1
    36. The Soul Company – Hump the Bump Pt. 1
    37. Creations Unlimited – Chrystal Illusion
    38. Joey Irving – Don’t Throw Our Love Away
    39. Pearly Queen – Quit Jive’in
    40. Marvin Gaye – ‘T’ Plays It Cool
    41. Billy Young – Suffering With a Hangover Pt. 1
    42. Lenny Williams – Feelin’ Blue
    43. MFQ – Every Minute of Every Day
    44. Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
    45. The New Establishment – Ridin’ High
    46. Otis Brown – Who’s Gonna Take Me Home

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