1. AUDIO: Matthew Africa & DJ B. Cause – “Soul Boulders 2” Mixtape Sampler.

    DJs Matthew Africa and B. Cause – two of the Bay Area’s finest selectors – return with the long awaited sequel to their much loved 2006 mix of downtempo funk, soul, and beat ballads, Soul Boulders . Soul Boulders 2 mines the same stylistic territory, with a few adjustments in approach and technique this time around. Explains Matt in a recent post on his excellent blog, I Wish You Would :

    Soul Boulders 2 features 40 meticulously mixed songs. Some are from common records, many are from rare ones, but all are (to us) extraordinary soul songs that embody a special feeling. We labored hard on the mix, cleaning up tracks, re-editing them to emphasize parts we liked, obsessing over the sequencing and tiny details in the transitions and generally polishing until we felt like we had made a worthy sequel. I think we succeeded.”

    They have. Listen to a sample below. Those in NYC can buy the mix on CD at Big City Records or Good Records in the Village. Go HERE to purchase the mix in digital form.

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