1. AUDIO: DJ Matthew Africa – “2 Busy Saying Yeah: 2011 Reissues.”

    Fresh off his recent Best of 2011 Raps podcast mix, the venerable DJ Matthew Africa returns with the perfect follow-up, a Best of 2011 Reissues mix. As expected Numero Group releases are healthily represented. But there’s plenty of other treats to choose from – including Bob & Gene’s surprisingly musically breezy take on showbiz cronyism, Aged In Harmony’s irrepressible disco-soul, Stone Coal White’s heavy funk heaviness, and some spiritual jazz gems by Jef Gilson. Even if you happen not to recognize any of the material here, do yourself a favor – trust the DJ. He’s got great taste and knows how to put together a set. Listen below. Peep full playlist and DL, HERE .

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