1. Masta Ace — "Revolution's 'Bout To Start” (AUDIO).


    (Art: Aleks Skrok )

    “… 17 years I was on this earth/ Before police showed me what my life was worth/ The cops that did it they went back to work/ Waiting for the next kid to act a jerk/ Turns out they didn’t have to take the stand/ Once they found the knife that they put in my hand/ 20 years from now I’m almost sure/ Things won’t be happenin’ like this no more/ Will it? …”

    UPDATE: We had previously said this song was from 1988 since Ace mentions the year '88 in the song, but we couldn’t verify what year this song came out. Either way, it’s still worth checking out. Shout out to Ace and to DJ Yoda.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • DM

      Isn't this track from the Top Shelf 88 CD that came out in 2007? I remember the producers got a bunch of golden era artists to record tracks like they were from 88. They did a little thing where they said they "found" all these recordings in New Jersey or somewhere. Dope CD.