1. Masta Ace Spittin' in the Whip.


    It's time to catch up with rap vet Masta Ace as he cruises around Times Square, NYC, in the back of a car kickin' bars for Crazy Al Cayne's "Spittin' In Da Wip!" web series. Before he rhymes (starting about 5 minutes in), Ace talks a little about his MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne album, then unleashes various truth-speaking stanzas: "Take a look it's as plain as white rice/ A lot of rappers get mad love but they not nice..."

    "It's hopeless like I'm in jail and I got life/ I would rather get stabbed once and shot twice/ Than listen to these songs that's being released lately/ You can't make me, the game has declined greatly/ It's my intention to spit a little life back in the game before I start collectin' my pension/ Hope reigns eternal maybe in 30 years they write a journal and I get a honorable mention..."

    [Via CAC-TV ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • HughPhug

      man Ace got off lightly, i said it before but check out Lil Sci Spittin in da whip, shit is off the coat peg.
      Love Ace though, Take a Look Around is one of my top 3 hip hop albums of all time. So glad he didnt get stuck on that late 90's shit where he was gonna retire and he was always on some 'this aint fair i aint got no props' shit. Dude stopped whining and stepped his game up, good to see him keeping on