1. FACE OFF: Which Is Worse – Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial or MC Hammer’s KFC Commercial?

    We know there is some self-deprecation involved. We know artists are entertainers. We know it’s for the money. But dammit, it’s all in the execution, and Mary J. Blige – The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul – has been catching all kinds of hell the past 24 hours for royally playing herself in a controversial new Burger King commercial in which she literally sings the praises of a fried chicken wrap . There’s something about Mary standing atop a BK dining table and shilling for the second third place fast-food chain that immediately conjures memories of that other unfortunate hip-hop era Black artist endorses fried chicken moment: MC Hammer dancing his ass off for KFC chicken bits . ETL readers, the choice is yours: which one is more cringe-inducing? Watch both commercials side by side… and vote in our exclusive poll… after the jump…

    UPDATE: Burger King has pulled the ad off its youtube channel and scrubbed it from the web due to an apparent copyright issue.

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