1. Watch Marley Marl’s
    Red Bull Music Academy Lecture (VIDEO).

    Last month I had the honor of hosting the legendary Marley Marl ‘s RBMA Tokyo lecture. If by chance you’ve read this interview from several years back then you have an idea of some of the subject matter covered – Marley’s discovery of drum sound sampling, his mid-’80s beat-of-the-week approach to production, losing his drum sounds reel at Power Play Studios and the subsequent BDP-Bridge beef, the sessions with LL for Mama Said Knock You Out etc. Our RBMA talk wound up being kind of an exhaustive one – over three hours with the participant Q&A. Honestly, it could have easily gone longer. A big reason is simply due to the importance of Marley’s catalog; the fact that his early classic productions – from MC Shan’s “The Bridge,” Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B. Is President” b/w “My Melody,” and all the essential Juice Crew stuff – was really the pivotal musical force to usher in the modern era of hip-hop (and as such merited detailed discussion). But we also took time to address other minutiae: which record he was, in fact, trying to sample when he fortuitously caught that drum sound; how the drum pattern for “Eric B. Is President” originated with Tragedy’s “Stunt of the Block” etc. Then, of course, there’s Marley on his relationship with broadcast pioneer Mr. Magic (RIP), an intriguing story (at around the 1 hour 50 min. mark) of how a disconsolate Nas sought his advice during the height of Biggie’s popularity in NYC circa ’95 yielding the underground classic “On the Real,” and how other artists sampling Biz’s “Make the Music With Your Mouth” has served Marley as a late-career revenue stream. Set some time aside and check it out.

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