1. Marley Marl Recreates Eric B. & Rakim's "Eric B. Is President" (VIDEO).


    In the second installment of Classic Recipes , Dubspot 's excellent web series with the great Marley Marl , the super-producer and "engineer all-star" recreates the beat for Eric B. & Rakim 's 1986 classic, "Eric B. Is President," discussing and dissecting all the musical elements involved. Yes, this is in essence a product demonstration video of the new Akai MPC Renaissance. But Marley recounts the whole process in simple enough terms peppered with great forgotten details (like the fact that Freddie Foxxx was originally slated for the session but didn't show) to more than maintain the interest of non-techies. Great stuff.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • koooooch

      how gangster is this for fckn '86.. marley will always be goat beatmaker..

    • mack

      Do we even deserve to see this?

    • annette

      @Annetworth thank you for the tips i need that james brown record l.o.l rare

    • Jinks

      Trying to imagine if there had been something as insightful as this on TV in 86

    • sonny7

      Knowledge from a master. This is gold!