1. Marco Polo ft. Rakim — “What’s Wrong” (AUDIO).

    Money is still the root of all evil as Rakim reminds us what the hell is wrong with the world today on this stirring Marco Polo joint that never made the 2009’s Seventh Seal album due to sample clearance issues.

    (Be on the lookout for Marco’s upcoming projects, Port Authority 2 (with a new track from Organized Konfusion, plus appearances by Preemo, Ace, Pos, O.C., Large Pro, and more) as well as Newport Authority 2 featuring collabos with BDK, Artifacts, Das, Lil’ Fame, and others.)

    “We went from pride and honor to divide and conquer… grindin’ harder to supply the corner/ While the government is the private sponsor…” “….The greedy keep drainin’ the earth of jewels and fuel/ Keep searchin’ until you crack the earth in two/ Never personal it’s always business/ The same reason they knocked down the Trade Centers…”

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