1. Marco Polo ft. Rakim — "What's Wrong" (AUDIO).


    Money is still the root of all evil as Rakim reminds us what the hell is wrong with the world today on this stirring Marco Polo joint that never made the 2009's Seventh Seal album due to sample clearance issues.

    (Be on the lookout for Marco's upcoming projects, Port Authority 2 (with a new track from Organized Konfusion, plus appearances by Preemo, Ace, Pos, O.C., Large Pro, and more) as well as Newport Authority 2 featuring collabos with BDK, Artifacts, Das, Lil' Fame, and others.)

    "We went from pride and honor to divide and conquer... grindin' harder to supply the corner/ While the government is the private sponsor..." "....The greedy keep drainin' the earth of jewels and fuel/ Keep searchin' until you crack the earth in two/ Never personal it's always business/ The same reason they knocked down the Trade Centers..."

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • JJ

      "The greedy keep draining the earth of jewels"? Does that include all the gold Ra is wearing himself? Or maybe it's only costume jewellery.

    • bboycult

      Or maybe it's just about " watching what you do before you get paid" -Rakim ...........smart dumb cats would rather smack the shit out another crab because they're too cowardly to attack the barrel!
      (See below)v

    • you should come equipped

      marco polo needs to give up the smokes... he's lookin iller than his beats sound thesedays...

      as for rakim: "everytime you in the east, they snatch the chain off your chest... quick to make your finger like a gun..." (jeru the damaja - 99.9%)


    • black diamonds and pearls

      Why Bob Geldof is wrong about Africa: By praising Tony Blair's Gleneagles agreement, celebrity economist shows he knows nothing of the absurdity of aid




      I'm no fan of Geldof, but this article is nothing more than a neoliberal screed written by an acolyte of the neoliberal Oppenheimer business empire.

      Greg Mills work for the Brenthurst Foundation. Here is how Wikipedia describes the organisation:

      [It is] a Johannesburg-based think-tank established by the Oppenheimer family in 2005 to support the Brenthurst Initiative in seeking ways to fund African development,[1] and to organize conferences on African competitivenes

      Who is Oppenheimer?

      Oppenheimer (born 8 June 1945) is a South African businessman, the chairman of the De Beers diamond mining company and its subsidiary.He also has a large financial interest in the diversified mining company Anglo American.

      Why is the Guardian giving a platform to one of the most odious families on the African Continent? Why is it giving voice to members of a business elite who place profit before the human good? Why is it championing the views of a person who fronts as a PR man for the Oppenheimer's? What has happened to the Guardian?"

    • non conflict cubic zirconia

      "you got ayrans (not the persian noblemen definition) all up in your face, and y'all buggin off who got the fuckin hottest mixtape..." poetic/grym reaper (Gravediggaz) (r.i.p)

      BABY J. ft Poetic - Saviour


    • bboycult

      ^^THIS.....all day; let's get @ the real empire of it all or shut our fucking mouths!