1. Give the Drumline Some: 10 Videos of College Marching Bands Playing Rap Songs.

    Rejoice, gridiron geeks: the 2012 college football season kicks off today – which means you’ll soon be inundated with pigskin, mascots, cheerleaders, and school fight songs. But you know what’s way better than hearing a school band play that same ol’ rah-rah stuff? Yup, marching bands goin’ in on the hip-hop hits of yesterday and today. Join us as we go from ashy to brassy, and peep these 10 videos of some of the finest collegiate marching bands in the land getting magna cum louder than a bomb with their rap repertoires, son.


    1. Jackson State University "Sonic Boom" - "The Show" (Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew).

    6 minutes… 6 minutes… 6 minutes, “Sonic Boom,” you’re on.

    (Props to TGS265 for the upload.)

    2. Norfolk State University Spartan Legion Marching Band - "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" (OutKast).

    NSU droppin’ them bows like Dusty Rhodes.

    (Props to Behold5005 for the upload.)

    3. Jackson State University "Sonic Boom" - "I Got 5 On It" (The Luniz).

    JSU’s rendition will make you go delirious like Eddie Murphy.

    (Props to BANDTUBEdotCOM for the upload.)

    4. Southern University "Human Jukebox" - "Hate Me Now" (Nas) & "#!*@ You Tonight" (The Notorious B.I.G.)

    It’s Nas and Biggie-Biggie – paired in what may be the most unlikely rap medley in history.

    (Props to swerv0523 for the upload.)

    5. Florida State Agricultural and Mechanical University Marching 100 - "Stay Fly" (Three 6 Mafia).

    Party time, at :45.

    (Props to hhorns2002 for the upload.)

    6. Hampton University Marching Band, a/k/a "The Force" - "Carter 3 Mix" (Lil Wayne).

    Virginia is apparently also Carter country.

    (Props to swats21ep for the upload.)

    7. Southern University "Human Jukebox" - "Power" (Kanye West).

    No band should have this much – oh, you know…

    (Props to BANDTUBEdotCOM for the upload.)

    8. Alabama A&M University Marching Band - "N*ggas In Paris" (Jay-Z & Kanye West).

    Blow so hard (pause).

    (Props to AAMUBAND for the upload.)

    9. Jackson State University "Sonic Boom" - "H.A.M." (Jay-Z & Kanye West).

    Lettin’ these bands know who they am.

    (Props to MarchingsportHD for the upload.)

    10. Norfolks State University Spartan Legion - "Hard In Da Paint" (Waka Flocka Flame).

    Waka tuba frenzy.

    (Props to MillioNDollargRl09 for the upload.)

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