1. Which One of My Records Would I Rescue From a Fire?


    A looooooong time ago my Red Bull Music Academy brethren Sir James Pants asked me to contribute to a regular feature RBMA does on its site called "Rescued From The Fire." The basic premise, as you might guess, is for various record collector types to hypothetically choose one record from his/her collection that he/she'd rescue from the house if it were goin' up in smoke Eddie Kendricks-style, and explain briefly why. Kind of a sadistic exercise, actually. They're really awful people, those RBMA folks. Anyway, I procrastinated writing my entry for the better part of a year. But, of course, when I was in Madrid recently for the Academy, and sharing the same work desk as Pants on the daily (man, I couldn't get rid of this guy; he insisted on sitting next to me at damn near every meal in the cafeteria too), I kind of couldn't keep putting off the assignment. Despite the fact that the album cover to The Who's Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy graces the top of this post, I refused to provide anything resembling a straight answer, of course. They published it anyways.

    Here's the intro to the piece I wrote:

    "Believe me when I tell ya, good people, that the question posed by this section of the Academy cyberspacial experience isn’t so easy for yours truly to answer. Buying old records is indeed a habit; one that I’ve been compulsively partaking in for way much longer (and along the way siphoning way too much loot out my bank account) than I should probably publicly admit. (Though full disclosure: in the time that it’s taken me to compose this paragraph alone I’ve managed to set sniper bids on five separate eBay record auctions, and complete a half-dozen discogs transactions without ever once lifting my palms off tha ol’ trusty MacBook Pro.)

    In other words I’ve acquired a ton of records in my lifetime with no sign of stopping anytime soon. That said, if forced to choose to save just one of these various slabs of wax from a fiery death… I don’t know. Without jinxing myself horribly, I think I might just wanna let ’em all burn. Blasphemous thought, I know. But here’s (possibly) why..."

    If you're so inclined to read the rest of my ramblings (and hear the theme music that accompanies a concluding thought), go HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://djmatthewafrica.com Matthew Africa

      I think I'd have to go with Quadrophenia before Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy-- the photo insert is just too great to let burn.