1. Mannie Fresh: You Know You’re a Grown-Ass Man When…

    You Know You’re a Grown-Ass Man When…

    1. You got shoestrings in your shoes.

    2. You don’t need to have three chains on at once.

    3. You wear a belt. (Not like all these young dudes walking around holding up their pants.)

    4. You change your clothes. (Thugs walk around wearing the same clothes all the time. That ain’t sexy.)

    5. You pick the 7-series over the 2-door.

    6. You figured out that 15 tattoos is enough.

    7. You take care of your kids.

    8. You pay your mortgage over paying for rims.

    9. You can have a decent conversation with your baby mama.

    10. You stop hanging out at clubs with funny names. (“You goin’ to Rolex tonight?” “Why was you at Club Hot Girl?”)

    11. You realize being called certain nicknames offends you. (I caught a flat once and when the dude with the pick-up truck showed up I was like, “You can take the car right over there, homie.” He said, “ Homie ?!? I’m a GROWN-ASS MAN.”)

    New Orleans native Mannie Fresh is not only a longtime hitmaker, the CEO of Chubby Boy Records and a grown-ass man, he’s also a very cool dude. Follow him on Twitter .

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