1. Maniac Synth’s 80's W∆VΞ YouTube Channel Rocks (AUDIO).


    This goes out to everyone who loves synthesizers, who wishes they drove a DeLorean, people who cried when the neighborhood mom ’n’ pop video place shut down, cinephiles who know Linda Blair movies other than The Exorcist , who still watch VHS tapes (especially cult flicks), who are no strangers to snorting sounds, who got a Patrick Nagel hangin’ on the wall, folks who watch Itallian zombie flicks for the soundtracks as well, to fourteen carat gold slum computer wizards, and brainiac dumb dumbs.

    (Visit Maniac Synth's YouTube Channel )

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • ZAKE86 .

      Hello. Do you have any plans to open a new channel on Youtube?