1. Astoria Is Slammin’!

    I grew up in Astoria Queens. Which was pretty segregated back in the ’70s and ’80s. But I was a kid who was into graffiti, rap and metal, so I was able to be social with folks in ways that most black kids weren’t back then. James Malta used to write graffiti, and he came up under the legendary KB TSS (a/k/a Savage). I put James down with my little graffiti crew back in the 5th grade. We were the United Subways Artists, and we wore red, white n’ blue beads… Kinda suspect but hey, I guess I knew a bit about branding at a young age.

    These days, James is still all about the USA. And family values. And wrestling that can be of great value to the entire family. James was always a good dude, and way huge for his age. In this little doc, he talks about coming up on the mean streets of Astoria. He also talks about being picked on at IS 126 – the middle school we attended. Please watch this link if you want to understand where a whiteman who came up in the struggle is coming from! I also suggest you watch a film called A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints – an amazing film that chronicles Astoria at a pivotal time in cultural evolution. Saints is some real shit, and if you watch it and hate it you can try to roll up on me. I might call James – dude is like six foot, seven foot and he’ll chokehold your ass something awful.

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