1. NEW MUSIC: MaLLy - "Future's Classic" (Free Download).


    Two words in rap song titles that are usually red flags for some of us around here: "future" and "classic." Seen presumptuously used together, and it will almost invariably result in some immediate "file under 'delete'" action. Not so with MaLLy 's "Future's Classic" - which is a good ol' fashioned, bravado-imbued, single-verse rap performance that evokes the urgency of a severely growling stomach in only the best sense. "Effortless, why you tryna f--- with this?/ A 5'8" no name turned into a 12-ton elephant," ponders the Minnesotan. Producer Rem''s track may be more fusion (as in electric violin-sounding samples) than "Fusion Beats" based, but sustains the tension just fine (extra props for the part where Mountain's "Long Red" triggers like a nervous tick). Listen below, DL it for free, HERE .

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