1. MaLLy – “Dead Art Painting” (AUDIO).


    Minneapolis, stand up. MaLLy makes a triumphant return. This song might be called “Dead Art Painting,” but it's bursting with energy, bringing to mind a scene from an action movie, like when the good guys are gearing up to attack right before the final showdown. This one can be found on the upcoming Strange Rhythm EP, which is entirely proudced by Last Word .

    Strange Rhythm drops November 5. You can pre-order it on iTunes .

    [Via Potholes In My Blog ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • MaLLy

      Love and respect to EVERYBODY over here at EGOTRIP for posting this joint! We Love Y'all!!!!

    • egotrip

      Yo, thanks for checkin' in, MaLLy. Keep bangin' out them dope tunes.

    • MaLLyMPLS

      Dear Egotrip,

      Was wondering how I could get in touch with you to send my newest video "YOUNG" from my EP Strange Rhythm? Any help you could offer would be dope!!