1. "Magic Corner" by Sami Dariush & Nydia Ines.


    In case anyone forgot, this past weekend we here in the Big East were under hurricane watch, meaning most of us were "hunkered down" (as the news channels were fond of saying, and saying, and saying again...) in our homes or places of shelter sittin' around waiting for Irene to do her requisite damage and get the hell outta town. Some of us, fortunately, used the time a little more constructively than just stressing/vegging out in front of our video screen of preference. Case in point, my friends Sami Dariush and Nydia Ines - a pair of vintage soul recording aficionados with great taste and an even greater collective record collection. Sami, who's from Helsinki, runs the world famous Lifesaver Records shop in HKI as well as the revered Club Soul Sides party. He's one of these dudes who's basically got every great rare soul 45 ever made. (If he doesn't have it he probably had it and traded the shit away for something even better.) Nydia, a/k/a DJ Honeydripper, makes sure this little record label you may have heard of runs smoothly every damn day. She's an excellent DJ. More people should be aware of this fact.

    "Magic Corner" is a great soul mix Sami and Nydia put together this past weekend , at turns romantic (The Day-Tons' "I've Got to Tell You About It"; Karen Striblin's "We're Not Too Yong"), tortured (Margie Joseph's "One More Chance"; Betty Wright's "Circle of Heart Breaks"), and super bummed out (Eunice Collins' spooky lo-fi masterpiece "At the Hotel"). The whole thing is named after a Belita Woods song that's included here and - given the circumstances under which the mix was put together (assembled while the city was shut down and these guys were holed up at the crib) - it's a pretty perfect title. Nothing too fancy technically going on here, and with good reason: when dealing with tunes of such quality just let 'em play and get out the way. Thanks for taking it relatively easy on us, Irene. Thanks to Sami and Nydia for sharing some sounds from their corner of the city.

    Download it, HERE .

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    • Nightfly

      Great mix...really enjoyed it...you should release it as a compilation.