1. Madlib – "The Mad March (Skipping Drunk)" (AUDIO).


    Get ready. There's a limited edition (as in 300 copies) 45 that's gonna be available at a special Madlib Medicine Show in San Francisco, CA on June 7th, which features track's from Madlib’s upcoming Rock Konducta LP. This is one of the cuts that will be on that already-a-collector's item.

    (Please visit RAPPCATS for more details.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Madlib is the Beyonder now; nowadays producers know there is no catch up so they stuck lookin in the mirror ( talkin to you Hit-boy, put that fuckin mic down herb ) ................If you're currently on a Madlib beat or ever have been on a Madlib beat; salut ya self, cause Planet Earth is listening @ least 2wice ( and that's even if you a emcee- lite) ......Not meaning MC Lyte; cause she could win a rhyme fight.