1. AUDIO: Madlib Remix - "Doom vs. Jadakiss."


    You'll have to excuse us if we got lost along the trail of all the various Madlib Medicine Show releases from the past year or two. Confusingly evasive even by typically myriad Otis Jackson standards, MMSs appeared exclusively in either vinyl or digital formats based on volume numbers, and apparently skipped at least one installment (#4?) altogether too. Madlib Medicine Show #13 (a/k/a Black Tape ), however, is on the horizon - and in this sneak audio preview featuring Doom and Jadakiss continues the theme of the previous program, Filthy Ass Remixes . Black Tape 's delay apparently has something to do with its provocative for-adults-only artwork (obscured in non-descript outer cover above). But we'll let our peeps over at Stones Throw fill you in on that part of the story. Listen below. Madlib Medicine Show #13: Black Tape ships March 1st.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Anthony S.

      #4 was a reggae mix, released on 4/20/10

    • egotrip

      What da blood clot; we missed that one.

    • Vic

      How can you miss #4? It's on the web like all of them. 2+4 were my favorite of the mix tape editions.

    • egotrip

      What is this thing you speak of... "the web"?!?