1. Madlib, Doom, Freddie Gibbs, and J. Rocc Go On a European Tour and Have Dope Photos To Prove it.

    With the Madlib Medicine Show Tour with Madlib , Freddie Gibbs and J. Rocc having completed its European leg, the folks over at Rappcats have shared some images from photographers Mr. Mass and Fabrice Bourgelle of how it went down. Most striking is Bourgelle’s shot of London show special guest Doom surveying the crowd whilst dramatically back-lit. Egon’s stream-of-conscious text provides additional insight to the life on the road.


    Upstairs to the club, through the growing throng of people crowding the corridor. Fire hazard. Back down to fetch some McDonald’s for the crew with Joan. Myself, thinking that the finger food Paula laid out backstage looks mighty fine. Back, hey Marcelino where’s the wine key? Great rieslings. Not too much tonight. Tough crowd, but not for Gibbs. He almost drop kicks a scrawny fan who looks like he’s anticipating enjoying it. Five am, we leave Freddie at the bratwurst stand – warm in his new Carhartt coat. You going to be ok? “Yeah man, I got this.”

    Hit the thumbnails above to check the photos and mosey over to Rappcats to see more and read the rest.

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